Monday, Monday....

It was not a bad day. I walked the dogs this morning and got rained on :) I was going to do some aerobics that I had DVR'd but for some reason they didn't record. So after screwing around for 1/2 an hour I didn't have time to work out. Oh well. I worked on my swim mentally all day. But Charlie got home late from golf and after we walked the dogs it was getting dark already (ain't swimming in the ocean in the dark!!!) I did go for a dip since I was all psyched to get into the ocean and it was super humid. It was nice just to swim with the puppies instead of trying to get a "workout" in. Of course this means that tomorrow I have to bike in the morning and swim in the evening but that's cool.

Things are still crazy at work but the boss returns on Weds. so things should get better. We are so busy it's insane. I really hope this lets up soon. I've decided that I will work as fast as I can and do as much as possible. I'm not a machine and I'm not going to stress over it.

Other than that, not much to say. Reading everyone's Ironman reports gets me all excited to work towards one. I really believe I can do it with enough training and hard work.....


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