18 August 2005

The mind is a very powerful thing.

It was just about 1 month ago I had a huge ephiphany about how my mind was controlling my weight loss/exercise and how it wasn't good. I realized I was engaging in a lot of negative self-talk and I was letting my fears get to me (this seems to be a theme in the blogs this week). For a couple of weeks things went really, really well. I lost weight and I exercised regularly and felt awesome. Well, last week I got a head cold and that slowed me down. This week I just haven't been able to get back into it. I did exercise Monday and Tuesday but yesterday and today I slept in. At least today I got up and walked the dogs; yesterday I didn't even do that.

I have got to get my positive attitude back. It's not that I have a negative attitude it's just that I'm feeling blah!! I can't seem to get motivated. So I have to get my faith and belief in myself back. As is the trend in a couple of blogs today, let's look at what I fear.

I fear failure. That's not totally true. I fear not being good enough. For who?? Me! I have these unreal images in my head that I know I can't live up to. Why can't I be happy with who and what I am?? I have people tell me how great I am for doing the athletic things I do but I can't seem to accept it. I downplay my accomplishments and seem to think I'm never quite good enough.

I fear the unknown. When it comes to doing new things alone I'm really fearful. If there is someone else with me no problem, I'm all gung ho. But when I'm alone I become nervous and shaky.

There are some other things but those 2 are what's on my mind right now and what I have to combat. I'm going to work all day today on regaining my positive upbeat attitude and veiwpoint that I had a mere 2 weeks ago. I am an athlete. I just ordered this from Tyler Hamilton's website:

This is what I need to do. Believe in myself. Believe in what I can do. Believe that all is possible. The story of Tugboat is such a heart breaker yet he lived with gusto till the end.

So this is what I will do from now on: BELIEVE.

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