So Far So Good.

This week has started well and I'm pleased with the way I feel. Yesterday morning I did the Firm Complete Aerobice and Weights and last night I did 25 minutes of yoga. This morning I got up and ran for 43 minutes. I would have stopped at 40 minutes but I was listening to a book and got caught up in the action.

I'm trying a new morning routine; I exercise first then walk the dogs. It seems to be working better then the reverse. I get my exercise in right away and if I'm running a little late I can shorten the dog walk some. I think this is the way to go.

Eating has been good so far except we are getting Jack in the Box salads for lunch. I know that's a lot of food and very high in points so I have a plan. I'm going to eat very slowly, putting the fork down between each bite, and I will stop when I start to feel full. Just because the salad is huge does not mean I have to eat it all.

Well, I have tons and tons of work to do so I guess I should get started...


a new start said…
Thank you for your positive words and your encouragements...I'm going to keep chugging along...

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