20 August 2005

So, what have you done today???

Not what I planned.

I spent a number of hours working on this stupid blog. I'm kind of interested in HTML and playing with this blog is a cheap, safe, way to learn some stuff. But since I don't really know what I'm doing, every little thing takes me awhile.

I went to WW this morning and much to my surprise I was down. I feel so fat it was a huge shock - but a good one.

After WW we went to pick up my packet for tomorrows race. I'm not nervous or worried at all about this race. It's 15k or approximately 9.3 miles. I haven't really run in probably a month because of my ankle. But I know I can walk 9 miles so that's why I'm not too concerned...

Then we went off to the lab so I could get my work done. This week has been real hell at work and I finally figured out today why. I haven't been exercising. When I exercise I handle stress much better and I have not handlede it well at all this week. Yet another reason for exercise.

Then we went to Gordon Beirsch for lunch. That was my mistake. I hadn't eaten properly in the morning so by the time we got there I was ready to gnaw off my own arm. I ordered my goat cheese and hummus salad (to die for) but we also got an appetizer - Southwestern egg rolls. These consisted of spicy pulled chicken with beans and corn wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and fried to death. God was it good!!!! So we inhaled them. Then my salad came and I pretty much inhaled that with all it's flat bread. Then I ate 1/4 of Charlie's burger. And I drank 1/2 liter of Hefeweizen beer. Oh god was I stuffed. On the 45 minute ride home I fell asleep. When we got home I was so tired all I could do was lay down. I slept for an hour. The moral of this story: poor eating, beer and workout plans do not mix. I didn't get my bike ride in and now the tide is so high the surf is pounding; I'm not going out in that. So that kind of shot my day but I'm okay with it.

I've really decided to change the focus not only of this blog but of my efforts. For over 7 years I've been trying to lose weight (I only have 18 lbs to goal). All of the other stuff, running, triathlons, have taken a back seat and as a result my training is sporadic. So I pulled out my triathlon training book and have set a schedule that will take me through to the Na Wahine and the Ko Olina 2 weeks later. I'm going to increase my running gearing up for the marathon in December. I've got a couple of goals and the only way I'm going to make them is to focus on my training. I will continue to journal my eating and I will focus on good, whole food; but weight loss will not be exactly where I'm looking. I figure if I eat well and exercise good the weight loss will naturally follow. So to that end; I have added a ticker to the Na Wahine at the top and a list of my races on the side. This will hopefully keep me focused and on track with what I want.

Now, I must go start getting my stuff ready for tomorrow. I have to leave here by 4:30a.m. as I have a 15k race. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! What the hell am I thinking????????

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