21 August 2005

I'm glad that's over...

My 15k is pau (that's done in Hawaiian) and boy am I glad.

Last night I got all my stuff ready, ate a good healthy dinner, drank lots of water, and was in bed by 9:30 p.m.

I got up at 4:00 a.m. and got ready; shower, dress, gather last minute items, coffee, etc. I was out the door and on the road by 4:40 a.m. I arrived at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki at 5:25 a.m and all the parking spots were taken. Uh oh, this did not bode well. After cruising around for 10 minutes I finally found a spot. I got all my gear on, shoes, fanny pack, hat, iPod, sunglasses, and was off to claim my chip. I always have to visit the ladies room before a race no matter how many times I went at home. When I got to the ladies room the line was really, really long. It was 5:40 and you had to pick your chip up by 5:45. I decided to pass on the rest stop and head off to get my chip. I got my chip and strapped it on and headed out in the direction of the starting line when what did I spot? A bathroom with no line - WooHooo......... After a quick stop there it's off to the start line to await the air horn.

When the horn went off I was near the back of the pack because I did not really know how my ankle would do on this excursion. The first mile went really well, I was slow but feeling really strong. Mile 2 was also good except this is the ascent of Diamond Head. I don't know why but running uphill makes me nauseous. I can't figure out what's going on with that. It happens when I eat, when I don't eat, when I eat different things, I just can't pinpoint what's causing it.
But I made it to the top of Diamond Head without losing my cookies. The next mile is downhill and that was great. Mile 4 are level but it's on an old road that has a huge hump in the middle. Since the were still cars on the road we had to run to the side on the slanted part of the road and my ankle didn't like this. Mile 5&6 were an out and back next to the Waialae Country Club, flat and easy. Mile 7 is on that cantered road again only now we are running on the left side and my ankle is turning inward; that hurts. I start walking at this point. The legs are getting tired, the ankle is starting to tweek and I still have to go up over Diamond Head again. I finished it. My time wasn't pretty, 2:11, but considering I had basically no running in the past month and my ankle is still bothering me, I'm just glad I finished.

I'm feeling pretty good now. I think the problem with my ankle is my achille's tendon because right now it hurts like hell. Other than that I'm fine....

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