27 September 2005

Feeling a little selfish...

I haven't blogged recently because I've felt a little self centered and didn't want to come across that way. I've had a rough weekend and was feeling very whiny and poor me but watching the wrath of Rita it kind of makes me feel small and selfish.

We've had 2 hurricanes moving off to the east of the islands here and it's been making the weather really miserable. The temps been up around 88 but the humidity has been up around 500%. It's that kind of weather where just breathing works up a sweat.

Friday night it rained so much that my road flooded and I couldn't get home from work till 9:00 p.m. Saturday I was supposed to go to my marathon training group but due to the late arrival Friday night and the damage around the house from all the rain I decided to skip it (okay, also the weather was horrible). I was going to run Sunday but again the weather was unbearable and I wimped out after 45 minutes.

I did however go to my group last night and it was great. The weather has improved a little bit so it was cool with a nice breeze. We ran about 5.2 miles in just about 50 minutes. It was really a great run. I felt strong and the effort felt easy the whole time. Interestingly enough when I got to the group my ankle was absolutely killing me. I did not know if I would be able to run at all but I decided that if I couldn't I'd just walk with the walkers, no biggee. Well, once I started moving the ankle felt great - no pain at all. When I was done it felt a little sore but I came home iced, stretched, and rested it and this morning it feels really good. I think it hurt because I was barefoot most of the weekend and I can't do that. I need to support my arch so it doesn't pull on my ankle. So the good points were: I ran at right around a 10 min mile; my ankle feels great; I feel great for having run again. I can feel my quads and hamstrings this morning so I know I pushed it some last night, but it's not too bad. The most amazing thing is I was the fast person last night - haha!!! Imagine, me, the fast one!!!! Right!!!!

Well, the dogs are bugging to be walked and I think I need to move these muscles a little.

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