02 September 2005

For show and tell I brought some pictures.

Tonight is a night of photos.

So I live across the street from a working ranch (which also happens to be a tourist attraction). These 2 horses belong to one of the employees and I just love these guys. Every night when we walk the dogs on the ranch these two come racing over to visit. The one in the front is Picasso (appropriate yeah??) and the one in the background is Sheriff. Great horses.

Here is Picasso sniffing the dogs. Those are my knees are sitting on the fence taking the pictures. Notice Picasso's mane, it's half white and half brown - very cool.

This is one of the ranch buses. They take tourists around in these. A lot of movies were filmed on this ranch so it's pretty popular tourist destination. I love the cattle skull on the bus, really nice touch.

Here is Picasso at eye level.

This is my back yard. That white thing in the distance is an old bunker from WWII. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the army took over the ranch and built these bunkers all over the place. The house I live in was built by the army corps of engineers for the officers; all the homes along the beach were.

Well, things aren't going so well on the training front so I thought I'd post pictures instead. Tomorrow is the first day of a long weekend and I plan on getting lots of activity in.

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