22 September 2005

Just a quick one tonight.

Marathon training group was tonight. I did not feel like going but forced myself. When we first started running I felt miserable and thought I wouldn't make it. But after a few minutes I started feeling better and started really moving. I should note here that we are not a fast group. We are running about 13-14 minute miles. That will change as we progress but we are starting really slow. Since I tend to run faster as the run goes on I tend to lead the pack and many times end up running alone. So we did 4.9 miles in 72 minutes. We were all feeling crappy and didn't want to run but were glad we did when we were done. So, another training run down. Slowly starting the build up to the marathon!!!!!


Flatman said...

Good job going, even though you didn't want to. I have some of my best runs when I just kick myself out of the door...once I get going, I am always glad I went!

Mica said...

Nice job pushing through the run.

That group is just about my speed!

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