19 October 2005

It's Wednesday and it's really quiet around here.

Wednesday's are usuallly our busiest day but it's really quiet today. Not that I'm complaining, it gives me time to do personal stuff :)

Things are going well on the exercise and eating front. Last night was WW weigh-in and I was up .4 lbs, but I'm not letting it get to me since it's probably PMS!!!!! I must say I did track my food exceptionally well last week and I know where my problem lies and why I'm not losing weight. WW gives you a point limit everyday (points are calculated using calories, fat calories, and fiber grams of a food) plus additional weekly points to use. So I have 22 points a day plus 35 a week I can use anyway I want to. Also, you can earn points by doing exercise. So for a week I get 189 points plus I generally earn 4 activity points a day for a total of 217 points a week. Last week I really watched what I ate but still ate fairly normally and I was like 20 over for the week. Do you think this could be why I'm not losing any weight??? Maybe eating an extra days worth of food every week has something to do with it?? So, now I know what's wrong I can fix the problem, right??? Yes, let's hope. So anyway, I'll be tweaking my diet over the next couple of weeks to fit within my points yet still keep me satisified.

On the exercise front things have been well. It's a fairly light week after Sunday's debacle :) A little knee pain developed during the run and it's been plaguing me since then so I'm taking it easy; walking, light running, stretching, and lots of ice. I'm also working on a new plan to start next week. I'm already beginning to plan next year and I want to start training now. I have goals for the coming race season and as this year has been more of a learning curve, next year I get serious. So I'm working on that and recovering from Sunday.

Until the marathon is over my weeks will be nuts. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I don't get home before 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. Monday and Wednesday I have marathon training group and Tuesday is WW meetings. Normally I go to WW on Saturday morning but since I have marathon training on Saturday morning too, that's out. Once the marathon is over everything goes back to normal and I'll be free to sit on my ass and watch tv all night - NOT!!!

That's really it. I'm going to amuse myself around the lab here and head off to marathon training early tonight.


PuddyRat said...

Say, Flo! Didn't realize you did WW, too. That being so, you need come visit us on the WW site. When you get there, you may have to register, but that should be free. Then look for "Community" and "Message Boards." You will find me on the "Fitness Challenge" board under my PuddyRat pseudonym. We have a thread we start every day called "Tri-ers Day-of-the-Week." Lots and lots of us triathletes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of fitness. Come see us!

PuddyRat said...

What? You don't read minds? How silly of me. Okay, so that would be www.weightwatchers.com.

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