Okay, it's time for a change

Ever since I wrote my race report yesterday I've been mulling things around in my head. Why did it happen like that?? What could I have done differently?? Am I going to be ready to do a marathon in 8 weeks???? Etc...etc...etc..... And while many of these can be answered with better nutrition and more awareness on food/hydration, there was something missing. I have finally realized what it is - It's me!! I have not been putting my heart into this whole process. I have only been going through the motions - phoning in my workouts!! Okay, considering the total and complete lethargy that engulfed me just a few weeks ago, I should be happy I was doing anything. But that's it; it's over. I have some very specific goals and if I'm going to reach any of them I have got to get on the stick and work at it. Tonight after marathon training, I'm going to sit down and plan my workouts in much greater detail. It's going to require hard work and dedication but I think I'm ready to tackle it again.....


PuddyRat said…
Good luck! I wish you much success.

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