Okay, I may have to revamp the BTP just a little....

So this plan called for me to exercise every morning as well as my marathon training 2 nights a week. So let's see, Saturday we had a pretty hard 2.5 mile (edit: it was 2.5 HOURS not 2.5 miles - oh my god!!!) run even though I felt pretty good after. Yesterday morning I got up and did 1/2 hour on my new elliptical machine and could really feel it in my quads. Last night we did a pretty hard 1.5 hour run almost 1/2 of it being on sand - UGH!!! So when I got home last night I was tired. Then, after going to bed exhausted at 9:30, a torrential rain started around 11:00p.m. - that woke me up. I was just going back to sleep when the thunder and lightining started. Please note, my dogs are petrified of lightining. So at midnight we had 2 very large dogs trying to share our pillows with us. The lightining lasted till about 1:00a.m. but the dogs didn't start to calm down until almost 1:30p.m. and it took till almost 2 to get them down to their usual sleeping spots. By this time I was completely wide awake and it took me forever to fall back to sleep. Needless to say, I was exhausted when the alarm went off and the old legs were a little sore. There was no way I was going to get up and do anything. Even the dogs were tired this morning, luckily they get to sleep all day ;-)

So I think I need to start my plan a little slower. I may do the core workout tonight when I get home and tomorrow morning I'm definetly back on track.

Okay, got to go get some work done.....


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