24 October 2005

I keep trying to blog and work is getting in the way!!!

UGH!!! I hate when that happens..........

Okay, so today begins the Big Training Plan (heretofore known as BTP). Over the weekend I worked out my schedule and have set a training/racing schedule that will take me up to the Honu Half Ironman in June. The first phase of this starts today. During this phase I will focus on 2 things, losing some weight and building a solid training base in running, biking, and swimming. I've got about 7 weeks until the Honolulu Marathon so that will be my running focus. I will be swimming 2 days a week (at least) to build my swimming back up. I will only be biking on the weekends due to darkness and weather but that's okay, biking is my best leg. I will also be doing core training to develop a strong, solid core for all these activities. And I'm back at WW with a vengence so I'll be losing weight. My weight goal is 15 lbs by the time I return from vacation on January 5th.

Phase 1 of the BTP will last until I leave on vacation December 22. When I return Phase II will commence which will be the training for the half. During the training I will participate in some road races and some sprint tri's. The road races will make sure I keep my running up to a level I want to be at and the tri's will help me with the swim freak out (which will NOT happen this year at all!!!). Once the half is over I will enter full blown training for the Honolulu Marathon again and that will bring me right to this time next year.

So day 1 was good. Got up did Core exercises and walked the dogs. Tonight is marathon training group. Feeling good.

Well, I had better get back to work.....

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