21 October 2005

Thank god this week is over!!

It's been one of those weeks that go on and on and on and on and on...........
I bounced out of bed this morning so freaking happy it was Friday my husband couldn't stand it. It's been kind of slow around the lab here and I haven't felt like working. All this led to a very long week. It has given me time though to plan my race schedule for next year. This year was plagued with injuries and I didn't get to do all I wanted to do. But next year will be different. I will do a number of sprints all leading up to:

Just thinking about attempting a half ironman is so exciting I can hardly contain myself. I'm already talking with a coach and getting a plan together. I will focus on my marathon training till the marathon, Dec 11, then I will take a couple of weeks off for vacation. When I return in January it will be right into training. Wow!! Who would have ever thought I would attempt that??? I'm really excited.

Well, I do have some stinking paperwork to do. Maybe if I get everything done I'll leave early. That sounds good!!

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