24 November 2005

The Honolulu Marathon Turkey Trot

The Honolulu marathon was started by a guy named Dr. Jack Scraf. He was a cardiologist and a runner and decided Honolulu needed a marathon. He also wrote one of the first marathon training books because he was convinced anyone could run a marathon ( I have the book, it was written in the 70's and some of the info is laughable). Anyway, he also started the Honolulu Marathon Training clinic. Starting in March this clinic meets at 7:30 every Sunday morning for the long runs. It's free and it's quite good if you've never run a marathon and are motivated to train on your own during the week. Do not ask me why I'm going into all this, it just seemed appropriate.... Meanwhile, back at the ranch..... No so really, Dr Scraf realized in all this marathon stuff that people run into trouble the first 10 miles of a marathon. So awhile back he started the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. This covers the first 10 miles of the marathon coure (not really) and gives you a chance to practice that crucial period. For this race no watches or iPods are allowed. You predict your time and if you are within 60 seconds you win a turkey (actually only the first 6 win turkeys, the rest get other stuff).

Pre Race:

I get up as usually at 4:45a.m. Now on race days and long run days I am never hungry when I get up and usually need to gag something down. This morning I roll out of bed starving!!! And, I have nothing really to eat. I make some peanut butter toast and pray for the best. I'm out of the house by 5:30 and at Kapiolani Park by 6:15. Just as I pull into my parking spot the radio starts playing Alice's Restaurant. Now I haven't heard this in at least 15 years and just had to listen. If you're old enought to remember this song you know, I HAD TO LISTEN. So, 18 minutes later I'm finally ready to get out of my car and head over to registration. Now our coach was there asking us what time's we were predicting. I said I didn't know and was going to talk to the rest of my group and see what they were thinking. So the coach says, "You should do it in 3 hours." I was like, WHAT!!! Dude, you are on drugs, big time drugs. So I wrote down 2:28:00 because I was planing on going slow.

The Race:

They used the cannon that starts the Honolulu Marathon to start this race. Now, it's one thing when there are 35,000 people. But when there are only 1,000 and you are standing near the cannon - not good. So after crawling back into our skins, we took off - slow..... We just cruised. Since we had no watches I had no idea what the splits were but we were cruising. Up over Diamond Head, around through Kahala to the gas station. Now, I was having some issues with my left IT band; something that has never bothered me before; but it passed around mile 6. There is this one stretch of road that's in every race (there really is only 1 course on Oahu, we are an island after all) that I hate, absolutely hate. There are no sidewalks only grassy strips and the road has a seriously large bump in the middle (what the hell is it called when the road bows in the middle and then slants down to the curbs????). By the time I was nearing this section of road I was feeling pretty good and decided today would be the day I conquer it. I would run the entire way and not let this damn road get the best of me anymore. So I did it!!! I ran all the way to the water stop at the base of Diamond Head. (Yeah!!! Wild cheering and yelling!!!!) Then it was back up over Diamond Head and I was there. I was stoked I felt good (though I would have felt better if I'd remembered to take my Advil before the race) and I came in (drum roll) 2:15:30. 12.5 minutes faster than I predicted!!! And I felt completely awesome!!!!

After Race:

I picked up the fully cooked turkey dinner on the way home and lazed around the rest of the day. I've now eaten and am stuffed and almost ready for bed. I have plans to train in the morning, if it's nice I'm off on my bike. Oh yeah, I finally got a chance to watch the Ironman Kona show - WOW!!!! That was truly amazing. It really makes me think that someday I too can do an Ironman.....

A few other people did Turkey Trots today, Bolder had fun dodging the slow pokes (like me:) and Nancy set a PR. Good job guys!!!!

Hope everyone had a great day!!!


PuddyRat said...

Congrats on getting out there for a 10 miler on turkey day. I did well just to manage a 5k and, unlike you, I was four minutes slower than last year. Of course, last year I didn't have surgery two months prior. Last year also seemed to be my year for PRs. So, my PRs may have to wait until next year. Ah, well. That's the way it goes.

Anyway, you are going to do great in your marathon. Keep up the good work.

La said...

The term you were looking for is "camber". It's murder on the IT bands so run right in the middle or all the way off to the side if you can.

Congrats on the Turkey Trot. You earned your turkey dinner, that's for sure!

And yes, someday you will do an Ironman.

Nancy Toby said...

Way to go! And thanks for the mention~!!!

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