Another beautiful day in Paradise......

This is just before sunrise. The sky was brilliant pinks and blues.

This is a few minutes later, the colors are intensifing...

Here is the sun just breaking the horizon.

Moving higher into the sky.

And it's up.

This is taken with my digital zoom and you can see the sun is rising over Haleakala on Maui. If it wasn't so hazy you could see Maui and Molokai.

I know I post a lot of sunrise pictures but this is my absolute favorite time of day and I just never get tired of looking at it. I walk the dogs everyday at sunrise and I just love it. It's so quiet and peaceful and watching the sun come up is watching the beginning of a new day. It seems full of hope and possibility and no one has had the chance yet to screw it up. I am all about possibilities and new starts and the sunrise to me is the ultimate new start. Yeah, I'm a big New Year's freak too. I don't make resolutions but it's like a clean slate. It's like a blank sheet of paper waiting for me to write my story and my story can be anything I want it to be. The past is the past and the future is mine to create. I look forward to New Year, a new month, a new week, and a new day. Every one is a chance to start anew and make the most of it.. Have a fantastic day.



I am so happy to have another blog to read. Isn't it terrible though that none of us actually talk anymore? Great pictures! I have to say even though I don't think about missing Hawaii I still miss Hawaii. Ya know?

TriFeist said…
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Flatman said…
You have a great day too!
nancytoby said…
You're making us awfully envious, shivering here on the mainland!

I just ordered some beautiful protea from Maui for some folks for Christmas. Should have ordered some for myself, too!
Bolder said…
nice, so nice.............

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