17 December 2005

It all ties together.

In my comments, La said:

"A Clydesdale friend of mine suggested that if you're an athlete and trying to
lose weight that you treat weight-loss like a race. Meaning, everything you do
has to be working towards that goal, not competing with any other goals (i.e.,

This ties in perfectly with my FOCUS. I will treat weight loss as my sole occupation for the next few months. Training will be used as a tool to reach my goal of weight loss. Since none of my "big" races are in the first few months of the year this should work out well. If I could lose the weight before I have to start really "training" I could run faster, bike further, and swim, well maybe not swim any better. This really gives me something to think about though.....
My journey to my weight goal begins tomorrow. I'm going to WW in the morning and starting exercising again. I've felt really good for the last few days just too lazy to get out of bed in the morning. I leave on vacation Thursday and plan on running every single day I'm gone. I won't be running far or fast just getting out in new places and moving. God, that sounds great, I can't wait.
So Wednesday is my last day of work and I have about 2 weeks worth of work to get done in 3 days. Why is it, that no matter how carefully you plan you're stuck the last few days before vacation rushing to try and get everything done?? Why, oh why???? See, the problem with lab work is that people keep bringing in samples. Don't they know it's December and they should be partying and slacking off for the holiday season??? Who wants to test their water during Christmas, I mean really???
Well, I'm going to bed. There is nothing good on tv and I'm reading a good book so I think I'll go read in bed.


Bolder said...

if it would help you, i've read on several blogs that 'food as fuel' really resonates with them as a motivator for changing diet.

Chris Carmichael (Lance's coach) wrote a book called 'Eat right to train right'... kinda sounds like he wrote it just for you doesn't it?

Anyhoo, this book was a big influence on the way I eat because he talks about how when he was a pro racer in the peleton he made only $15K a year... so, he HAD to learn how to find 'food as fuel'...

Sharing what he learned, and how he used it with Lance and US Postal was illuminating. For me, when I want to eat something 'bad' (you know what I mean) I tend to stop myself and think about it from a 'food as fuel' perspective.

None of this will help you with just dropping the weight, but can help you eat healthier and prep you for your ultimate goals.

I recently dropped 10% of my body weight through strictly diet, and no exercise -- it was well worth it not having that bag of bricks to haul around on my workouts!

You can do it!

*jeanne* said...

You BET! That sounds like a great idea! I just finished my nap in the bathtub! :-)
(I just LOVE naps in the bathtub. It's not dangerous if you aren't a heavy drinker or taking sedatives! LOL!)

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Good luck on the weight loss. You can lose weight and meet your racing goals. What I learned during my recent weight loss is: "what works" for each person is different. It sounds like you have a plan to kick start the process. Once you lose the first 5-7 pounds, the weight loss itself will motivate you. Just hang in there.

Also, be very careful of the points Weight Watchers gives you for excercise, especially if you do workouts over an hour. Their estimates were not even close for this long distance, athena athlete.

You can do it!!!

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