10 December 2005

T minus 1

Oh yeah, I'm nervous!!!! I ate a good pasta dinner last night and was in bed at a reasonable hour. I managed to sleep in (well, sleep in for me) and am feeling good so far, but I am really nervous.

I've got tons of crap running through my head of things I have to do today, I just know I'm going to forget some. If I was a more organized type person I'd make a list, but that would eliminate lots of stress and take away all the fun :)

I still haven't decided what I'm going to wear. I know what shorts I'm on the fence about the top. One is a Brooks DriFit that I like but I'm just a scoch uncomfortable in but the other is a tank top and the sun will be a factor tomorrow. Of course I will use sunscreen but hours of sweating may wear it off. Oh, decisions, decisions!!! Wait, I know how to decide!!! Which one will look better in the picture???? Okay, fashion show later.

I have lots to write but I can't sit still right now. I'm going to go walk the dogs and head off to get my errands done. I'll write more later when my thoughts are more coherent!!!!

EDIT: My profile is back up at the top. I knew it was a post I just couldn't figure out which one and/or how to fix it. I figured that once it moved off the front page normality would return and I was right.

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La said...

Godspeed, Flo!! I'm rooting for you!

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