18 February 2006

Boys and their trucks

After having now lost 2 posts I am no longer going to type in Blogger. I will type it in Word and save it that way when I lose a post I will not lose it. Ugh!!!

Okay, today is truck buying day and I fear for the worst. The last 2 autos purchased were not purchased under duress and the sale actually went quite nicely. For my Escape, we just stopped to look at them. They had the color I wanted and it was on sale so I bought it. Done deal. For Hubby’s truck, it was similar. He wanted a new truck, we stopped to see what they had, he saw one he really liked and boom, it was his. Now that we are under pressure today, I fear it will not be that easy. We really have to find something today and I’m afraid it will lead to either a) arguments between use or b) settling for something he really doesn’t’ want.

Also, we are working under a few handicaps here. I still have 4 payments left on my Escape (WooHooo!!!!). The loan for his truck is still on the books. The insurance hasn’t even started the payoff yet, oh yeah; the payoff is going to fall slightly short of the loan amount. So it looks like we have 2 auto loans out and want to get another (that can’t be good). Also, since we were not planning on buying a car now, we have no down payment. Oh yeah, and I only want a 3 year loan which seems to be against all the rules now. Hubby doesn’t think any of this will be a problem and actually got mad at me last night for dumping this on him. Oh yeah, it’s going to be a really fun day.

The good news is everyone wants to move cars and trucks right now. Last night, every single commercial break had at least 2 ads for auto sales. Everyone is offering huge rebates and all kinds of factory incentives so it may turn out to be easier than I think. One dealer here is offering double the factory rebate for a total of $8,000. That would be sweet, we could use $4,000 for the down and the remaining money to pay off the truck and still have some left over. When I mentioned that to hubby he got a little testy. Don’t ask me why, it was a Ford dealership.

I am really hoping that I’m worrying and dreading this for nothing, but I’m afraid I’m not. One of the mottos I live by is, plan for the worst but hope for the best. That’s today all the way.

Okay kids, I have to get moving. Wish me luck. Hope I stay married for the rest of the day. If you hear news of a lady losing it at an auto dealer in Hawaii you’ll know who it was :)

P.S. I updated my monthly totals on the side there, look at that swimming - Woo Hoo!!!! I have got to get on that biking and stretching though. Clearly the areas I need to work on. If it remains nice today (and I survive) I will go for a bike ride this afternoon and do some yoga.


Gretchen said...

OK I just got caught up and that is totally insane about the truck! I am really impressed with your Feb goals.That is so great! Did you see any cool Steelers around for the PB?

Nancy Toby said...

I hope you have good news to report on the truck!

And yes, Blogger SUCKS!


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