18 February 2006

Boys and their trucks, part II

Well, the truck saga is over and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

We ended up going to 2 dealers before we found anything. The 1st dealer was having this “Slash-it” sale. This is where you pick out a vehicle you want and than this guy will slash the price. Sometimes they slash it a whole lot. So we are looking around and all the used trucks (besides being ugly) are like $30,000. I’m thinking, there’s no way we are going to be able to afford a truck at that price. And these were used. The new trucks were around $32,000. Luckily, hubby didn’t see anything he liked so we left there.

We were driving around and decided to stop at the dealer where I bought my Escape and we bought hubby’s last truck. We are looking around at the used cars and he stumbles across an F-150, the same year as his, in the same color (red), with gold trim around the bottom (he’s a 49’er fan). The only difference is that his last truck was a step-side and this one is the style-side. Oh yeah, this one has a V-8 Triton engine.

The salesperson tells us the truck is $17,000 and we can get a $3,000 trade-in (okay, she doesn’t know about the fire yet). So, I have all these issues to deal with but I said let’s see if we can make it happen.

We go inside to start the paperwork and her manager turns out to be the guy who sold me my Escape, and the finance manager is the same guy from the Escape deal. We are all old friends. So we go over the situation with them, auto loan still on the books, no trade-in, no down payment. After much haggling back and forth, we got the truck. They are postponing the down payment until next month and they gave us the $3,000 trade in with no trade in, how sweet is that??? The financing is not the best but that is because of the other truck loan. Once the insurance pays that off, we will redo the financing and get a better deal. The financing is not set in stone until March 4, 2006. I’m stoked. This was way simpler than I anticipated and hubby is so happy he can’t stand it.

So here’s the new baby:

The interior is even the same color as his old truck so his 49'er floor mats match.

So overall not a bad day. I'm just tired and badly in need of a nap.

I'm going to put my jammies on and veg on the couch for awhile. Tomorrow I hope to get up to go swimming and biking. It's supposed to rain here so I'm hopin it will rain over night and be nice by morning. Okay, time for some TV......

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Backofpack said...

Nice truck! We had an F250 for about four years and I drove it everyday. We finally sold it and got each of our sons an old car (87 and 89)and my husband a really nice bike. I did love that truck, but boy, was it hard to fit into parking spaces. My Element is much easier to park!

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