15 February 2006

Things are going well.

Yesterday morning I got up and did a 45 minute run. That was nice. I listen to Get Your Geek On during my Tuesday morning runs and I really really enjoy it.

Last night went home with every intention of hopping on the trainer for an hour. I pulled my bike out only to discover the back tire was flat, completely. I pumped it up and it seemed okay. Got the trainer out and went to put the bike one it and the tire was flat again. Okay, admit defeat and change the darn tube. I did and it took forever. Let's put it this way, I'm way better at swimming than I am at changing my tires. But I did it and it was fine. I still had 20 minutes before dinner was ready so I got 20 minutes in - NO LIMITS!!!!

This morning was swimming again. It wasn't as good as Monday but I can definitely feel that I've turned a corner in my swimming and things are improving. My 1000m took 32:22 today. My fastest 100m was 2:49, and my fastest 50m was 1:20. Total time 56:43, total distance: 1700 m. For the final 4x50 I did bilateral breathing all the way. That is a huge step for me. Also, counted strokes again and the most I did was 18 but the majority was 16 - not too shabby.

On a completely non-tri related topic. The insurance company has decided to total my hubbys truck and duke it out with Ford themselves. So they will pay off the loan and then try to recoup their loses from Ford Motor Co. as this was a recall problem. That's a relief, it's over. It will take a week or so to get all the paperwork done and the title transferred, blah, blah, blah..... I don't care about all that stuff. They are going to total it, that's really all I wanted to know. We will go out on Saturday and try to find hubby a new truck (actually a used truck).

So that's it. I'm really tired today. I think I may skip the weights tonight and just take it easy. I'm really, really tired. Okay, off to work.

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Anonymous said...

Your stroke count is really good. I'm doing a swim clinic to try and improve my stroke and the coach says anything under 18 is good. And the bilateral breathing...ugghhh...it's a big challenge for me. Like you said...training is going well.

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