04 March 2006

The sun came out today....

we're born again there's new grass on the field.........

One of the best spring songs ever!!!

So we woke up to a beautiful sunny day today. When I saw how nice it was I just had to get out. I debated on biking but settled on a run. Once I started looking back I realized I haven't run in awhile - yikes!!! So I decided on 5 miles got dressed and headed out the door. It was an awesome run!!!

I learned a few things along the way today:

1) I enjoy the sounds of nature (cars) when doing short runs. I decided to leave the iPod at home and it was great, I really enjoyed it.

2) I run faster outdoors. This is counterintuitive but it's true. On the treadmill I have to keep it at a set pace and I've realized I don't run that way. I vary my speed, not by much, all during the run. On the treadmill I have a hard time constantly changing the speed.

It's funny how everytime I do something I learn something. It I pay attention there's always something to learn. Isn't that really true of all things in life????

1 comment:

Linda said...

I find I don't hurt as much when I run outside because I can vary my pace and the inclines and declines are natural instead of steady and invariable.

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