05 April 2006

Okay, I'm back.

Wow, it's been a wild week.

The move: Done. We're moved but it will take years to get everything unpacked. The new place is totally cool. It's really small but I really like it. There is a huge completely fenced yard which the dogs love. I really can't wait until we get settled.

There are a couple of drawbacks. The old house was set off by itself and we could not hear our neighbors. This is a typical subdivision with the houses right next to each other and we can hear everything the neighbors on both sides do. It's not bad it's just something we're not used to that's all. Also, one of the neighbors raises fighting roosters. As soon as the sky starts getting light the roosters start crowing. This too will not be an issue in a few weeks but it takes some getting used to. Finally, the neighbors on the other side seem to have 400 people living there and none of them work, so they stay up all night and their friends come by all night long. This is annoying. They are not being loud it's just we are not used to having people that close to us. In the old house our closest neighbor was easily a football field away.

Since last week I have not trained at all. The move took days and was so physically demanding I just could not train. I planned to start training again Monday buy my back was sore and I was just exhausted so I skipped it. Yesterday was pretty much the same so I skipped it again. Last night though, my back finally stopped hurting (it was muscle soreness not anything wrong with my spine) and I decided to get back into it this morning. I dug up all the necessary things for the morning workouts and went to bed early.

Got up this morning and went to the Y. Another good thing about the new house??? I'm 4 minutes from the Y - sweet!!! I can sleep in a little bit and still get there earlier then I used to.

Due to my recent sore back I decided to swim and boy was it tough. I had not been in the water since my tri a week and a half ago. I jumped in the pool and started swimming. Immediately I had trouble breathing - I knew this was going to be tough - so I just decided to go slow. Just cruise along and work on form. I had no plan, did not know how long I'd swim, I was just going to go. Halfway through my first set my right arm started to go numb. I got to 250 m and decided to take a break. My arm was almost completely numb so I moved it around and tried to get circulation back. I set off on my second set and my arm started going numb completely. After another 250 m I stopped and sat on the edge of the pool and did a serious back stretch. I then took off on my 3rd set and my arm felt great. I did my final set and the arm felt awesome and the breathing had gotten under control. So, the numbers are:
250 m: 7:19
250 m: 6:58
250 m: 7:53
250 m: 7:29

Not bad numbers considering I was really taking it easy. Notice that set 2 was my fastest and that was when my arm was completely numb, hmmmmm...........

In other news, due to my lousy eating habits the last week, I feel like a soft little piggy. I am back to tracking my food and once I go shopping this weekend will be back to the Core program at Weight Watchers. I have got to lose this weight it's making me crazy.

Okay, that's allllllll folks. I'm slowly working my way back on track.


:) said...

Glad you are getting settled in...hopefully there won't be any fist fights with the neighbors. They might get the roosters after you! :)

Ellie Hamilton said...

Moving is hell. Nice job on your physical recovery and return to training and food plan!

Backofpack said...

Funny how pretty soon you won't even notice the extra sounds. Congrats on the move and on getting back to your workouts!

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