08 April 2006

Okay, that really is my butt.

I dragged that huge thing out of bed this morning and on my bike to ride to WW. I got there only to discover I gained 3.2 lbs in 2 weeks (I totally forgot to go during the move last Saturday - duh!!!). 3.2 LBS!!!!! Oh my god!!! I have no doubt that is what I looked like riding my bike today.

Aside from my ass, it was a great ride. From the new house the meeting is 7.8 miles of nice rolling hills. It took me 40 minutes to get there and exactly 40 to get home. Nice, nice ride. I'm going to do this every single Saturday unless it snows. I have to get rid of that butt somehow!!!!

Also, the roads behind my house lead to lots and lots of flower farms. It's almost entirely ag land back there and as you can imagine pretty quiet on the weekend. Well, you should see the bikes out. Apparently this is a very popular area with the weekend bikers due to it's seclusion and quiet. I felt like I was on a freeway of bikes, it was crazy.

I must go shower (I smell like a rhino) and get some food.


Robin said...

Hey don't worry about it--just get back on the wagon befreo it's 3.2 MORE. I have been MIA from my meetings-and my counting. I need to get back. I have gained too much back. The madness must stop.

Backofpack said...

Moves mean pizza and fast food and lots of it. Everyone gains weight! I think it'll drop off as you get back to a "normal" routine of eating, sleeping and exercising. The road to the meeting sounds beautiful - what a peaceful way to start your weekend!

Linda said...

At least you went to "face the music"! I quit after losing 60, got smug and went up 10!

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