10 April 2006

Benny, you are an IRONMAN!!!!!

Benny did it in just under 13 hours. How awesome is that??? I am absolutely in awe of the man. Having followed his journey it blows me away that he trained inspite of working and going to school and it being winter in Utah!!! Congrats Benny!!! You truly are amazing!!!!!

Wow, I still can't believe it. I followed his progress all day yesterday and was totally blown away. He really did an awesome job!!! He has totally inspired me. I am definitely aiming for a 70.3 next year and a full in 2008. He really is an inspiration.

Okay, on to me after all this is my blog ;) Yesterday I went for a run. I have a plan I'm following, it's pretty basic, but there is lots of base building. Yesterday was to be a 45 minute run. I went out and ran around my new neighborhood and so much time looking around that I didn't run very far at all. I did 2.5 miles in 40 minutes. Okay, that's pathetic but I was busy enjoying the view. I'll do better next time.

This morning was the swim. Again, easy base building stuff for 30 minutes. While I did not push it at all, I wanted to see if I could get 1000m in in that time. I went very slow working on my form and did pretty well.
The numbers:

250m: 6:57
500m: 14:10
250m: 7:05

Okay, I was trying to find numbers to compare these too but I can't. Apparently I haven't done 250's and 500's before. Oh, I lied. On Feb. 27 I did a 250 at 7:19 so I'm heading in the right direction. On the same day I did 400m in 9:33, okay, that's not so good but hey, there's room for improvement.

I can't express enough how great I feel. It's like I'm a whole new person. I wake before the alarm every morning and I bounce out of bed like all those people I hate. As soon as I get up I'm doing things, finishing laundry, gettting lunch ready, doing the few dishes in the sink. I really can't believe myself. It's like a total transformation.

Now my eating. I'm having some trouble getting it under control. Saturday I consumed 3000 calories. Yesterday I don't even know because we went to a party and had lots of pupus (snacks) that I could not even begin to estimate the calories on. Oh and yes, there was cake, lots of cake. Today it's back on track. I'm going back to focusing on one meal at a time. I can only worry about the choices I make now so that's what I'm going to focus on. Okay, nuff said. Have a great day.


Linda said...

Eating is my biggest downfall too!

Backofpack said...

Parties are the worst! I haven't heard someone call snacks pupus in years!

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