19 May 2006

Friday Swim

This morning was swimming and of course it wasn't raining!!! The gods are trying to piss me off I tell you.

I got home from work last night (not as early as I'd hoped) and it started raining. So that blew off the evening bike ride. They are not going to get me down!!! I'm not going to let them!!!

So, Friday morning is an optional long swim. I will probably do this most weeks as this is where I really need the work. So I headed off to the pool and decided to just to 1000m slow and easy. I did. It felt good. I did flip turns for about 250m but I was having trouble breathing during them so I stopped. Anyway, 1000m took me 27:18, and since my oly is an 850m swim, my time at 750m was 19:53. Not too shabby. I was pleased. Mostly I was pleased with my form. I was going slow and really working on reaching and pulling. I developed a little rhythm where I would kind of roll to the left, then roll to the right and breathe, then roll to the left, it was great. I felt like I was gliding through the water. Awesome!!!!

I read something a few weeks ago that really struck me. Researchers say that sleeping actually helps you learn something new. So, you learn a new skill and it's hard. That night you sleep and your mind keeps working on it. The next day you will be slightly better at it. And so on and so on. I have always found that to be true I just didn't know what it was. I've been trying to learn the guitar for years (just no time) and I find everytime I go back to it I find I start at a higher level then I left off at. Anyway, it seems to be working with swimming also.

In my effort to lose weight I've been toying with my diet trying to find the best morning fuel for my workouts. The other day I tried a fruit/yogurt/OJ smoothie and it worked really well. I made a small one, drank 1/2 before my workout and 1/2 right after. That's my downfall, I generally don't eat for an hour after I workout and that's not good. This morning I decided to do the smoothie thing again only I thought I'd add some soy protein. Wrong!!! My stomach is feeling nasty, all bloated and full. Ugh!!! No more soy protein. I'm such an idiot sometimes. I use this soy protein, it makes me feel like crap. I don't use it for a couple of months and forget. Use it again. It makes me feel like crap. Why don't I just throw the crap away????? Tonight I will for sure.

I just did a quick internet search and it appears I may have a slight allergy to soy based on my reactions. Too bad cause I do love edamame. But that's okay, I live without cause I hate the way it makes me feel.

Now, for something completely different..... I have almost finished my first "free gifts" for those that responded to my offer. They will be going out in the mail next week. The 2nd batch will go out the week after. What this means is that I have to finish my website upgrade this weekend so you guys will have something to look at. Plus, I have to work in my garden and get my training in; oh, it will be a busy weekend.

Okay, I'm done. Nothing more to say.

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*jeanne* said...

I totally agree about the sleep and learning thing! With my seasons in summer stock theatre, it was more important how many NIGHTS were in a rehearsal period than how many hours were actually spent in rehearsing (for ease of line retention, etc.)
Subconscious time...
sinking in time...
and recharging time, too!

Too bad about the soy allergy. Don't you HATE having a food allergy to HEALTHY stuff? Why can't people be allergic to JUNK FOOD?

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