Moving on.....

Today was run day, and I did, in the heat. My little thingy says the temp is 76 right now, bull. It's got to be in the low 80's already and it's only 9 a.m.

Anywhoo. Last night both hubby and I got home late from work and didn't feel like cooking so we went out to Outback Steakhouse. Hubby had never been there and had to order a blooming onion. While I love those things, I hate them!!!!! So we had a couple of beers and dinner and chatted and it was really nice. Once we got home I realized I had drank a little more beer than I thought and I was buzzing. So off we went to bed to try and sleep it off, I had a long run in the morning.

I got up around 4:30 and realized I was not in great shape, uh oh!!! Went back to bed to try and catch some more zzzz's. Finally around 6:30 I got out of bed and really didn't feel so hot. Considered blowing off the run but said to myself, "self, no way!! You are going to run." So after coffee and something light to eat I dragged my butt out the door. By now it's 8 and the sun is up and it's freaking hot.

Luckily I had an episode of Get Your Geek On!! to listen to so I was stoked. I felt pretty good when I started out so I was cruising at a fairly decent clip. Then I hit the district park. I made a stop to refill my water and relax for a minute when the heat started to hit me. I started to get nauseous and thought great, the only way I have to get home is my feet so I better get moving.

I decided to cut the run short. I started heading home and man was it hot. Long story short, I ended up only doing 4 miles. Not the greatest run of my life but a huge success considering the state I'm in. Now I must run to work and then we are off to see The Da Vinci Code, can't wait.


Ellie said…
I'm contemplating making your blog my default homepage so whenever I go online I have a big banner at the top of my screen that says "Step Away From The Cake."

I sure need it today...

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