27 May 2006

I omitted the most exciting part of my run this morning

I was attacked!!! It's true - attacked!!! I could not believe it!!!!!

I ran through the backroads of Waimanalo. These are literally country roads with no sidewalk/shoulder and very little traffic. In this picture they are the roads you see along the base of the mountains. This area is agricultural land, lots of flower farms, horses, and dogs. Well, this area also has lots of loose chickens.

I'm running down this road when a hen and her 4 chicks are trying to cross the road except 1 chick won't leave the bush at the side of the road. The hen keeps running back trying to get this chick while the other chicks stand in the middle of the road. I'm running towards her watching this and wondering how she's going to get everyone out of the my way. She is starting to get frantic, running back and forth between the 3 chicks and the 1 chick. Finally, I'm about 20 feet away, when she suddenly spreads her wings, sweeps the 3 chicks into the bush with the other 1 and comes after me screaming and trying to peck me. I

could not believe what was happening. She was really trying to attack me. All I could do was stop running and laugh like crazy. I wish I had a camera with me. I have never been attacked by a chicken before. It was wild.

Oh, the joys of living in Hawaii!!!

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