Okay, the last few days have not been great what with the whole thing with Mana and all, but this morning things are back on track.

Since the whole Mana episode, I haven't been hungry. Now this is huge for me. In the past when things got tough I'd head straight for the sweets. I'd eat till I was sick, really sick. This time I couldn't eat much. I had to force myself to eat meals because I had no energy. Anyway, that's very, very different for me.

It also threw off my training. Sunday I was too tired and emotionally exhausted to train and yesterday I just plain didn't feel like it. But I got up this morning and picked up right where I left off. Luckily I've moved into a recovery week so it won't be too tough this week. (So I've given myself a free pass for the 2 days of missed training. These were unusual circumstances and I've recovered nicely so they don't count against me :)

So this morning was a 6 mile bike ride. That's almost hardly worth getting the bike down for :) It was fun. I'm trying to add weights regularly so I get up early, do my weight training then go for a ride. It was a glorious morning and riding was a total blast.

That's all I have to say.


Mojo said…
Good for you getting back on track. Sounds like a nice bike ride. I lifted yesterday, did my legs and I can barely pick anything off the ground. :)

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