01 June 2006

May is in the books.

It's been quite a month for me. I started out in not so good a place. Managed to pull myself out of the hole I was in and take baby steps towards my fitness goals. Mothers Day came and went. I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite creatures. It's been a month, but it has ended with a bang and June has started with a vengeance.

Yesterday was swimming and running. I love the early sunrise, I seem to get much more done. So I hit the pool and did 500m (it is a recovery week) then hit the marsh trail for about 2.5 miles. It felt great. I felt great when I was done. Woo Hoo!!!!

Today it was weights and biking. I did legs and then a 6 mile ride. Okay, that wasn't the smartest thing I've done all week. But it was good. I really enjoyed it and felt completely awesome after.

So, since I completed all my workouts (except for the excused ones when Mana died) I am now due a bento box for my bike. I'm going to go on Amazon.com right now and order it. I'm so excited.

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