25 May 2006


one day after my claiming how it was getting easier to get up in the morning, I didn't :( It's okay though. I actually scheduled my week to allow either Thurs or Fri off, my choice each week. For some unknown reason Thursdays are really hard for me to get up. Fridays I bounce out of bed, but Thurs, eh not so much.

I was up really late last night too (at least for me). There was the 2 hour American Idol finale (yeah, Soul Patrol) and the 2 hour Lost finale, both of which I had to watch.

AI was good but I think 2 hours is an hour too long. It would have been awesome if it was 1 hour. Clay Aiken was freaky looking (both of them) and that whole thing was just weird. Prince was, well, Prince. He is a freak but a great singer/songwriter and there is something bizarrely attractive about him. But it was okay and I'm glad Taylor won. I got online early (4 p.m. my time) to try and find the results and I have to say folks on the boards were really good this time. I could not find the info. People posted that Taylor had won and someone else posted that Kat had won, so I didn't know who really won. The boards are getting better at keeping secrets. Of course, we won't talk about the fact that I was looking for the answer :)

Lost, hmmmmmm, what to say about that. Interesting. I was a huge fan the first season and really, really enjoyed it. This season it got weird and only the last 2 or 3 shows seem to be coming back to the way it was last season. My personal opinion is that Abramson was off working on the MI movie and has only recently returned to Lost, but I digress. There were some questions answered; what happened to Desmond; how did the plane crash; why were they entering those numbers. But in true cliffhanger fashion they posed some more questions; who are the Russians; why did they call Desmonds girlfriend; and what the hell happened to the hatch????? I'll now have to wait all summer to see what happens next.

That was my night. Up too late, couldn't get up this morning. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. A day of rest is always a good thing.

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Mojo said...

I tried to stay up to watch it but starting falling asleep at the Clay duet part. I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares! :)

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