24 May 2006

I do so totally rock!!!

I know, that's a little boastful but I'm extremely pleased with myself. Since I have no trouble beating myself up when I'm down, I decided to really pat myself on the back for doing good. Please feel free to skip this since it is a bunch of "I'm so wonderful."

It feels great to be back. I'm back to the point where workouts are not a problem. Sure, I'd still like to stay in bed in the morning, but getting up is not that huge an issue.

This morning was swimming and running. I went to the pool and did 500m in 250m splits: 6:46 and 6:30. That's about 2:50 per 100m, not too shabby. I need to get to about 2:30 but I have some time yet. After that I went for a run. Now my Y is located in a totally cool place. It's located right next to Ulupo Heiau, that's an ancient Hawaiian temple.
It's a very cool place and if you are spiritual at all you definitely get a feeling that this place has power. Thankfully, this was not a temple where humans were sacrificed. This was to the god of agriculture and fishing - very peaceful pursuits.

The heiau overlooks this, Kaiwanui Marsh. This trail runs right through the marsh and is great for walking/running/biking, etc.

So my routine has become to swim then throw some clothes on and run through the heiau and the marsh. It's so awesome at 6:30 a.m. The birds are just waking up; people are out with their dogs; it's one of my favorite times and this is quickly developing into one of my favorite things to do. Also, since I'm running for time not distance, I have room to grow. Right now I only run about 1/2 way, the entire round trip would be over 4 miles and of course I could always run out into the surrounding neighborhoods.

So, why am I so stoked with myself you might ask. Monday I did this run and it took me 35 minutes to run about 2.5 miles. This morning I did it and it took 31 minutes to run the same 2.5 miles. I ROCK!!!!! And this morning I felt great, even during the uphill return to the Y. So yeah, I'm a little pleased with myself.

And now for something completely different. Dial Idol has Taylor Hicks as winning American Idol tonight. I hope so, there is just something about Katherine that leaves me cold. When Taylor sings I can't help but smile and tap my foot. When Katherine sings I leave the room. She's got a great voice just no real personality. Not that Taylor would ever be a big star, he has a quirky appeal.

That's all I have. I'm feeling great and totally into this training thing. Woo Hoooooooo!!!!!!!!


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Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Deep down inside, I think we'd all rather sleep in than workout. Great job getting in those workouts and congrats on the speedy run.


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