27 June 2006

Another rocking Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning so it must be weights, bike, and transition run.

Did the weights, which was mostly lower body. Why do the leg days always fall on bike days, huh????? It was good. I'm using the absolute most weight I can while still maintaining form and doing the reps. I think it's paying off but we shall see.

Next it was off on the bike. Only 10 miles today. Have I mentioned that I love my bike shoes. My average speed is increasing (I'm blaming both the bike shoes and my increased fitness level :) and I hit 30 mph for the first time this morning - woo hoo!!!!! I rocked that ride. Did 10 miles in 47 minutes and it was super fun.

Off the bike and hit the road for a transition run. I'm decided that every single ride will end in a short run. I can't run too much as my knees can't take running every day, but 10 minutes will do. My legs felt great off the bike and my 5 minutes I was feeling back to normal.

So overall a totally rocking training day. I love this stuff.

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