26 June 2006

Monday, blah......

Actually I like Mondays, I just hate going to work.

Yesterday I ran. After a week off due to calf soreness, I decided to go slow and short. I did 4.25 miles and called it a day. It was hot too.

Today was swimming. I did a total of 1300 m. 200m warm up, 400m drills, 10 x 50m on 2 minutes, 200m cool down. I only timed the 50m and they came in like this: :57, 1:01, 1:04, 1:04, 1:04, 1:04, 1:05, 1:06, 1:03, 1:06. The final 200m was 5:08.

I'm trying to be pleased with the consistency of those times, but it's hard. I want to be faster but I can't seem to break through that wall. I'm not going to get all down about it. I'll keep working on it and eventually it will come.

So a great weekend, and a great Monday to start the week.

I guess we'll find out this week what we qualify for as far as a home loan goes. Once we know that the house hunting begins in earnest. This is something that just scares the piss out of me. I'd rather face the swim start at an Ironman than have to buy a house. Just thinking about it makes my stomach all icky. So I guess I won't think about it until I have to.

Okay, 'nuff said.


Ellie Hamilton said...

Sounds to me like you're hanging right in there. Keep it up! You schedule looks awesome.

PuddyRat said...

Flo, for what it's worth, my 50's are almost identical to yours. Just stay with it. It's fast enough to get you through any triathlon.

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