06 June 2006


Sometimes I get caught up in the if..... Mostly I'm a positive, forward looking person but every once in a while I drift into the past and the if...... That happened on my bike ride this morning. I started down the if road:

-if only the truck hadn't burned.

-if only we didn't have to buy the new truck.

-if only we hadn't gotten evicted 2 days after buying the new truck.

-if only Mana hadn't died.

Notice that none of these things I had any control over. That's because I rarely think about the other option if it's a choice I made. I tend to dwell on the if's of things I can't control. So I'm cruising along thinking these things and I said to myself ,"Self, what is up??? You are one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth!! Get over yourself" So then I start thinking about all the good things in my life:

-I get to live in Hawaii.

-I have my health and am able to train for triathlons.

-I get to live in Hawaii :)

-I love my hubby and my dogs and my kids and my grandkids.

-I get to live in Hawaii.

Okay, I could go on and on but you get the idea. I even thought to myself how lucky I am that I have enough money that I can afford enough food to be overweight. Many people in the world are starving. Anyway, I'm over it.

Had a great workout this morning. I did my strength training, upper and lower body. When for a 10 mile bike ride (47 mins). Then a 10 minute transition run. Whew!!!! I felt awesome. I've decided to start the transition runs again. 10 minutes after every bike ride unless I'm doing a brick. It was tough but another deposit in the triathlon bank :)

In 10 days I make the final payment on my car. This is huge to me as it's something I've never done before. I've only ever bought 1 other new car and ended up trading it in before it was paid off. I've leased a car but then you turn the car in at the end of the lease. For a long time I drove used cars that I'd paid cash for. And, believe it or not, I went like 5 years driving cars people gave me. For some reason there was a rash of people moving to the mainland and they kept giving their cars to us - that was sweet for awhile. So I made the final payment on my car and I'm really looking forward to it. See, if the truck hadn't burned it would have been paid off next year. Now it will be what, 2 1/2 more years - ugh!!!!

That's my morning. I feel like Wonderwoman!!!

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