07 July 2006


This morning was swimming. Technically it's swimming and running. I got up and got my act together. Sidebar: I love Fridays cause hubby is off and he can take care of feeding all the animals and doling out all necessary medicine, etc. The whole time I'm getting ready I'm arguing with myself cause I just don't feel like running. I just didn't this morning. So I decided not too.

I get to the pool at 6 and am swimming by 6:10. I'm practicing what the instructor at the stroke clinic told me and just swimming. I decided to do 1000m. I get those done in 28:xx and I decide to keep going. I ended up doing 2050m in 55:34. I was very pleasantly surprised. The best part was I felt pretty darn good. Not tired and my arm wasn't bothering me, which is usually a problem when I swim for longer than 30 minutes. So a good morning.

So now this means I must bike and run tomorrow. Followed by an ocean swim and a bike on Sunday. Busy weekend. I need to get up early on Sunday so I can get all that in and still get my nap :)

Okay, off to my oatmeal and then some work.

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