10 July 2006

Monday, Monday....

It's overcast and rainy this morning and is making me feel blah..........

Had a good weekend though. Saturday I biked to WW and then ran 6 miles. Okay, huge nutritional mistake. I did not drink much water Friday and ate no breakfast on Saturday. About 4 miles into my run I totally bonked. I ended up walking the remaining miles. It was nice though. I was in downtown Kailua when I bonked so I had lots of little shops to look at as I walked. I got back showered, and proceeded to fall asleep till hubby was ready to go to lunch. By then I was starving.

Sunday I got up and drove to Ala Moana to swim. I did 1000m in 27:24. Actually, since I've lost all ability to sight in open water, I think I went about 1200m. I could not swim a straight line to save my soul yesterday. I was also supposed to ride the Tinman bike course but it was really windy and I totally wimped out. Oh well, next week.

This morning I got up and went swimming even though the weather made me want to stay in bed.

My Ironman watch broke last week and the watch I have totally sucks. It does not do laps or splits or anything. I have gotten a new one off eBay I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

Anyway, my swim. Since I can't really time my laps or anything I decided to just work on form. Turns out that was a pretty good idea since I was totally not into it. I worked on making the things the swim instructor pointed out natural; and it's coming. I just swam easy and worked on kicking and extending for 45 minutes. It was nice.

I was supposed to run too but my right foot is hurting slightly so I decided to rest another day.

That's it. That's all I have to say. Nothing exciting just trying to make forward progress.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are definitely making progress! Keep moving forward and be well.

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