05 July 2006

Freestyle stroke clinic

I just got back from my first class and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.....

We first watched some of a video and went over some very basic stuff. As I'm listening to the instructor talk I'm thinking, "Yeah, I don't know what I'm doing!!!" Well, everyone else felt the same way!!!!

Then we jumped in the pool and warmed up. The thing I noticed immediately was I am not a horrible swimmer!!! I was doing just fine; faster than some, slower than others; overall just fine.

A little bit of background. Anytime I do anything that's outside my comfort zone I freak. Depending on the situation I'll freak a little or I'll freak a lot. I was freaking a little all day today about this class and this afternoon it finally hit me why. I'm not at all confident in my swimming abilities and I'm afraid I'm going to be horrible. I'll get out there and run - no problem. I'll jump on my bike and ride - piece of cake. Get in the water and swim???? Uh, yeah, no. As I was making this realization this afternoon it hit me; that's why I have so much trouble at tris, I have no confidence in my swimming ability.

Once I got to class, got in the pool and saw that everyone was of similar abilities to me, I felt tons better. The class is structured so we warm up, do 20 minutes of drills, then 30 minutes of individual instruction. When it came my turn he pointed out 2 little things and I immediately noticed a difference in my stroke. It was awesome. I have a ton more confidence already. I'm so stoked.

I'll never be Mark Spitz but I am a pretty good swimmer. Who knew?????

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