05 July 2006

The human body is made to move.

I knew that, but relearned it again this weekend.

My job has me on my feet alllll day. The only time I sit down is usually when I eat lunch. By the end of the day my feet and legs are tired.

I had 4 days off this weekend and I was faced with a choice. I could spend the days training or I could get some much needed down time. While I did do some training; there was biking, swimming, and running, just not a lot; I decided for my mental health it was a down time weekend. I spent the vast majority of the weekend laying around reading. It was wonderful!!!!!

This morning it's back up and back to our regularly scheduled program only I noticed my back was sore. I thought to myself, "I didn't do anything to hurt it....." and realized the first 4 words summed it up, "I didn't do anything....." My back is sore from laying around reading. While it was great for my mind it was not so great for my body. So while my back is screaming, my mental attitude is in the right place and roaring to go!!!

So I swam and ran this morning. It was slow and not very pretty but I got my butt out of bed and did it.

Tonight I begin a freestyle stroke clinic and I'm freaking out about it. I am basically extremely shy and new situations really freak me out. On top of that, I'm positive I'll be the worse swimmer there which freaks me out. Now, intellectually I know that statement is totally bull. Even if I am the worse swimmer there, I know how to swim and I'm there to learn how to get faster. Then I read a statistic over the weekend that said the average 100m time in an Ironman is 2 minutes. I do 100m in 2 minutes (of course I could not keep that up for 2.4 miles) so I'm not that far off. I do need to get a little faster and build some real endurance. So yeah, I'm a freak who is still 10 years old. I'm afraid of unknown situations and afraid of looking stupid. God, grow up already!!!!!!

'nuff said......

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