23 July 2006

I DID IT!!!!

My goal with this race was to handle the swim. No freaking, no stopping, just swimming. I did it. I could not believe how calm and in control I was the whole swim. WooooHoooo!!!!!

Unfortunately I made a couple of mistakes. I was so focused on mastering the swim I let the run fall by the wayside. Also, I was so excited for having done so well on the swim that I went all out on the bike. I mean all out. By the time the run came around I had nothing left in me.

Here it is by the numbers:

Swim: 800m 19:37 (2:25 pace)
T1: 4:24
Bike: 40 k 1:41 (17.7 mph)
T2: 1:43
Run: 10 k 1:30 (14:36 mpm)

As you can see I laid it all out for the swim and the bike. By the time it got to the run there was very little there.

A much longer report to follow, I just had to get it out there though - I DID IT!!!!!!!


Nancy Toby said...

Congratulations!! Well done indeed!!!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Congrats! Nothing to feel bad about regarding the run-- you finished, you had a good time, and you did well on your weakest event.

Good job!

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