18 August 2006

I am the dolphin.

When I took the stroke clinic in July I started feeling really, really good swimming. Then I did the Tinman at the end of July and was on a real high as far as my swimming was concerned. Since then it's not been so good. In fact, things seem to have fallen apart completely.

I'm considerably slower than I was last month. My stroke feels bizarre and not fluid at all. Because of this I've been avoiding swimming a bit, not totally, but some. I have not swum at all this week (for a couple of reasons not just avoidance). I told myself last night I WILL swim this morning no matter what. So I picked out a workout and headed out to the pool at 5:45.

My warm-up was 10x50 (:15 RI) and they felt kind of crappy; my arm was going numb, I couldn't not seem to get the rhythm, I couldn't get my breath, nothing was going right.

The next part of the warm-up was 300 pull. During this set something happened. My stroke smoothed out and I had a great rhythm going. The ends of the pool kept coming up way too fast. I felt long and strong and definitely dolphin like.

The rest of the workout was like that. I had the roll going on, I was reaching really far, my pull felt strong and I could feel myself being propelled through the water. It was awesome. I didn't break any speed records, in fact I was slower than I used to be, but it felt perfect.

The numbers:
Warm-up: 10x50 (:15RI) 14:45
300 pull 8:52
Main Set: 300 (:20RI) 7:07
3 x 100 (:20 RI) 2:14, 2:21, 2:18
200 (:20 RI) 5:07
2 x 100 (:20 RI) 2:18, 2:22
100 (:20 RI) 2:32
1 x 100 2:18
Cool down: 100 free/back: 5:30

I then practiced breathing on my non-dominant side because I suck at it :)
Total time: 1:00, total distance: 2300

I'm pleased with this workout. I was slower than heck but I really felt it coming back and once I get that feeling back then I can work on the speed.

I am the dolphin!!!

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