12 August 2006

It is Saturday right????

It is 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Now Saturday is really the only morning I get to sleep in a little, 6 vs 5. Mz Nals went to the vet yesterday and was a little dopey last night from the anesthetize. Around 3:00 a.m. she started whining like she was in pain. I'm wondering, even though she was asleep yesterday, if the manipulation of her legs caused some lasting pain and soreness. So she whines, I go to her and comfort her, I leave. A few minutes later she whines again. Do you think I'm being manipulated??? She wouldn't do that would she???

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PuddyRat said...

Hi! Haven't stopped by in a while, but I'm glad I took a moment this evening. I so hear you on the dog thing. My Boxer, Precious (yes, that's really her name), is in the same boat as your poor pooch. She take Rimadyl daily along with glucosamine/chondroitan. We also tried her on some prednisone and the Adequan shots. NEITHER of those helped, so we took her off (and the prednisone made her REALLY thirsty so she was constantly drinking water, thus peeing EVERYWHERE--she couldn't wait 10 minutes!). In fact, I think the Adequan made her worse, so watch your baby closely.

My poor baby has gotten to the point where she drags her right hind leg so badly that she is bleeding on the TOP of her paw, not just the claws anymore (those have been worn down to the quick). It's also becoming more and more difficult for her to get up and down stairs and to climb in and out of her favorite chair.

She also whines more than she used to. I don't know if it is manipulation or if she just doesn't feel good and wants comfort. It's all very sad and it breaks our hearts. I'm not sure when we'll draw the line and put her down. I sure hope the Adequan works for Nala.

Hugs for the both of you.

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