09 August 2006

It's all about the

swim. And what a great one I had this morning.

Okay, after Mon nights letdown with Masters I decided I needed a new direction. What I was looking for is a workout. I haven't really had structured workouts for my swimming and I think that was part of the problem. I was getting bored and I hated having to think, Okay, what do I do now. So yesterday I went looking around to see if I could find some good swim workouts. The ones I found were not great, so I stopped by the bookstore on the way home and found this:

It's a whole bunch of different types of swim workouts, endurance, force, speed, form, in a water proof binder that you can use poolside. The workouts also go with the Triathletes Training Bible. How sweet.

So last night I figured out where I was going to start and picked out my workout. This morning I headed off to the pool with my little binder in hand.

So the workout went like this: Warm up: 200m (various slow strokes): 5:38
2 x 200 (50 swim, 100 kick, 50 swim): 5:54, 6:05
400, 300, 200, 100 (:20 RI): 9:56, 7:31. 4:51, 2:20
300, 200: 7:22, 4:57
Cool down: 50m breast stroke: 2:03

This was not the entire workout, it's all I had time for. So I ended up with 2150m in 1 hour. Okay, not pretty but it was a good workout. Doing these laps with a specific rest interval really pushes me. So overall I'm very pleased with this morning and really looking forward to Friday.

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