08 August 2006

Data Dump

It's amazing what a little focus will do for you. After I wrote my last post I went out and did my little bootcamp. It's strength training with running/jumping rope between sets. I really love doing that. It takes me about 30-40 minutes, I get a full body workout and I always feel great when done. Then I went for a 30 minute HR run. I've decided to focus on HR for the next 4 to 6 weeks. I need to focus on getting stronger and faster. Then yesterday I got up early and did a 45 minute HR run. Pretty good.

Last night I went to Masters for the first time. Ummm.....yeah..... I'm not sure what I expected but that wasn't it. Basically she just gave us a workout and that was it. We ended up doing about 2000m in a little over an hour. I just kept thinking I could do this at the Y in the morning, why do I need to come here at night??? There was no feedback of any kind and the person in my lane was slower than me and I had to keep waiting for them. How annoying. So that was a bust and I won't be going back.

This morning was bootcamp again followed by a 30 minute bike ride. I found a nice little loop right near my house that only takes about 10 minutes but is a nice little hill. Not too steep or long, I can stay within my HR and climb it. Sweet.

So, since Masters didn't work out I have to revamp my training schedule. I'm going to swim Mon, Wed, Fri mornings as this is what I need to work on most. I will run Mon and Wed nights and Sunday. I will do weights Tues, Thurs, and Sun, and bike on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. That way I do every discipline 3x a week. Friday will be my "rest" day in that I will only swim. Every night I will do 100 crunches and stretching. I'm excited and pumped again. It's really amazing how getting a few good workouts in really changes my attitude.

I have decided to do the Honolulu Marathon again this year. My goal is to train smart, not bonk at mile 15 and break 5 hours. I think that's a very respectable and doable goal. There is approx. 20 weeks until the marathon and I think I can do it. I am not joining the group I did last year because I've decided I don't like the way he trains. Before I joined that group I was running 10k in 1:05. After it was taking me 1:30, yeah, something wrong there.

Okay, that's enough. Off to work.

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