27 August 2006

Wow, it's hot here!!!!

Look at my little weather thingy. It's 81 with no wind, that's hot for us!!!

It's been a good weekend. My head's in a good place and I hope to keep it there.

Saturday was biking day. I had planned to do a 2-3 hour ride since I had nothing else to do until later and it was a beautiful day. After about 45 minutes some weird stuff started happening. I would get this ringing/buzzing in my right ear and then I would start to get dizzy. Since I was riding on the main highway in this area, I pulled over and stopped. It passed and I took off again. This happened a couple of times so I decided 2-3 hours probably wasn't a great idea. I did 1:15 and headed home.

Today was strength and running. Since it's so freaking hot I did not feel like running (you folks who live in this all the time have my utmost respect). Yesterday on my bike ride, I discovered the entrance to a trail I'd been looking for. It's just a mile from my house so I decided I'd go hiking instead of running and check out the trail.

A little background here. In April 2005 I was in really good shape. I was running regularly. I was trail running on the weekends. In fact, the weekend of April 9 & 10 I did 2 10k's back to back and did better on the 2nd one than the 1st. I was doing good and feeling great. Then on May 14th I sprained my ankle and that started a cycle that took months to break. When all was said and done I had sprained both ankles 3 times and went through physical. To this day my right ankle still aches. Okay, so I sprained my ankle while trail running and have not been back since then. This morning was scary and exciting. I decided to walk, slow, and not push it at all. I was also paying very close attention to the trail, I was determined not to injure myself.

It turned out to be a great trail. I walked out for 45 minutes then turned around. It was the ditch trail so there really wasn't any breathtaking views, but it was nice. I started early and was the first one on the trail. On my way back I ran into mountain bikers and horseback riders. I have a mountain bike but I'm not a very good rider. This trail looks pretty good for a beginner and I'm going to give it a go. I think next Sunday I'll try it out.

The rest of the day I've spent trying to stay cool and clean the house. The bird cages needed cleaning badly. And I have a real ant problem in the bird room so I had to take care of that. Ugh. I'm hot and tired and need a shower!!! When Charlie gets home we're going to take the dogs to the beach for a swim, oh yeah!!!!

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Nancy Toby said...

Up or down less than 10 degrees from room temperature is *NOT* hot or cold!!!!!! That's ... moderate!! Maybe when you get to plus or minus 30 or 40 degrees, how about that??


 as in my fingers and my arms are swollen. I'm not sure why exactly. I did spend a lot of time in the pool yesterday and I did not drink...