25 August 2006

Day 3, woo hoo!!!!

Another good start to the day. I really like swimming now. Knowing what I'm doing, as far as stroke etc, and having a program to follow makes a huge difference. I look forward to my swimming mornings.

Today was Force 1 and it looked like this:

Warm up: 300 sw 300 k: 19:58
Main Set: 6 x 150 pull (:20 RI) 3:15, 3:22, 3:29, 3:27, 3:49(didn't hit watch for RI), 3:31
6 x 100 pull (:15 RI) 2:27, 2:31, 2:20, 2:28, 2:30 (whoops, only did 5)
6 x 50 pull (:10 RI) 1:17, 1:09, 1:07, 1:09, 1:12, 1:09, 1:11
Cool Down: 100: 4:25 (50 breast, 50 side)

It really felt good today. I could feel my lat muscles working, which is where you're supposed to pull from so that's good. I could also feel the extension all the time. I did discover that I have a tendency to not follow through on my stroke. I focused for a while on finishing the stroke and then pulling the elbow high to begin the next stroke and I could feel the difference. I felt like I was getting further with each stroke. I just wish I knew which laps I did that on so I could compare times. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway, a great swim and another great day of NO EXCUSES!!!

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