22 September 2006

A mental health day.

That's what I've taken today. For the last few weeks months I've been feeling in a rut. I realized I'm stressing just a tiny bit and things are not great. I have a friend passing through town today, literally, passing through, so I used it as an excuse to take a mental health day. I need a day for me.

I got up at my regular time and headed out to the pool. Since I had time I decided I needed to go long. I ended up doing 3150 m (1.96 miles) in 1:40. It was great. I did some drills, some intervals, some kicking, etc. I really pushed myself. By the time I was done I was tired. Yeah!!!

Right now I'm hanging around the house, eating breakfast, and hanging with the animals. In a little while I'm going to go for a bike ride. I need to get a hair cut and run a few small errands. I figure why not do it on my bike?? Then, a little later, I'll head to the airport to meet my friend. We'll go to lunch, maybe drive around see a few sights, then it's back to the airport and see them off.

So I have been feeling in a rut and a little stressed out lately. I've been training, mostly, but I've been missing some workouts and lots of time my heart is not in it. I decided the other day that I feel like I have no time to myself. I got a new bird about a month ago and I've been spending time with the bird pretty much whenever I have free time. Well, this is proving to be a problem. I have things I want to do but I can't with a bird on my shoulder. So I started feeling resentful and I was angry for having to do things I always do, dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc. I can't leave the bird out alone because her and the pit bull seem to want to go at it, and I'm pretty sure I know who would win :( Anyway, I think I've come up with a solution. A store here sells these magnetic screen doors. I figure I can put on on the computer room door so the bird can't get out or the dog in, then I can do things I want without having to worry about dog/bird interaction. Anyway, that's what's bugging me and today I will find a solution so it stops bugging me!!!!

Okay, enough. I'm off to get ready for my bike ride and just enjoy my day!! See ya later!!!


Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

It's great that you had a mental health day. YOu really enjoyed it!

We had bird/dog issues as well. Our smallest bird decided he needed to land on the dog, all the time. We ended up putting roll-up bamboo blinds between two rooms so we could have free time with the birds without worrying about the dog.

Enjoy your time with you bird buddie. They are fun, too. Just different.

Toasty said...

I guess you coming over and doing our laundry and dishes is out of the question?


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