20 September 2006

Today I was back in the pool for the first time in 2 weeks. It was interesting.

At first I felt like a real clutz. I couldn't seem to get it together. My stroke was all lopsided; I couldn't seem to breathe properly; I kept sinking; ugh, it was frustrating. But I kept plugging along. This is the price you pay for skipping workouts for 2 weeks.

Eventually things began to smooth out. First my breathing evened out and got better. Next, my stroke seemed to straightened out. I still kept sinking and I can't figure out that that is about. It's not that my feet are sinking, my whole body is sinking. WTF?????

The workout was:
300 sw, 300 k, 300 pull
200 sw, 200 k, 200 pull
3 x 50 rt/lt
300 sw
3 x 50 fingerdrag

Total distance: 2100 m Total time: 1:13

By the time I got to the fingerdrag drill I was totally on it and doing flipturns. It felt really good again and back to where I was before I started.

Okay, I really should get to work.


Toasty said...

I like your theory ... i don't drink much, i'm a camel, but i don't get that thirsty. I salt when i race a marathon and that is when i'm putting it in. I think this supports what you are saying.

Ww will be doing the Honolulu marathon, maybe we will catch up.

Anonymous said...

i used to try to have a low salt diet, but i had more vaso-vagal syncope issues because of low volume and blood pressure. so... what joy! i have permission from a cardiologist to keep salt in the diet. i'm a salt snob though. prefer the celtic sea salt (or french grey salt) as it has many minerals. i do NOT crust over as much as the boy above does. he's cap'n crust! i also can't put in as much as i'm always nursing shin splints. hmmm....

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