28 October 2006

I feel much better today.

My piriformis is definitely getting better. I went for 2 days with no pain at all. I am going to continue working it but I'm definitely on the mend.

So, after feeling like a slacker and not being as motivated as I like to be, I've come to a decision. I've picked my next race. January 1st they hold a 10k and I've decided to do it. I had planned on starting running next week anyway. I'm going to do a walk/run program and really take my time getting back into it. So now I have something to shoot for. I'm very excited!!!!

I'm babysitting this weekend. This is my boss's bird, Tatu. My boss, who did her 25th Ironman last Saturday, is on Maui for the Xterra World Championship on Sunday. It's called
doing the double. Interestingly enough a local triathlete is doing Xterra Sunday then IMFL the next weekend.

Anyway, I have a little Senegal Parrot, Mango. Senegals, although little birds, think they are big and tough. So my little parrot is trying to get to Tatu and take her on. Jealousy is ugly in any animal!!!

So Tatu is depressed, she gets like this whenever her Mom leaves, and won't eat. For a bird that weighs less than 2 lbs that can be a problem.

So this is my weekend, refereeing 2 birds and trying to get my workouts in. Sounds like fun yeah!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great goal. Glad you are feeling better! Crazy birds.

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