28 October 2006

See training really helps...

I've shifted (mentally) into training mode again and it's made a huge difference. I got up this morning and fed the birds, got everyone settled and began my day.

First, I did an hour of aerobics. I've been doing aerobics since I stopped training and I really think it's helping. It's how I began getting healthy and it's what I always go back to when I need a boost.

Then, I dragged my bike out and went for a ride. I haven't been on it since the race (it still had the race number on it) and about 20 minutes in I felt it. But I forget how much I love biking when I don't do it regularly. It was an absolutely perfect day. I know you folks who live in those cold climates think we don't have seasons here in Hawaii but we do. They are subtle and it takes awhile to notice them, but we have them.

Today was the perfect fall day. It wasn't very hot and there were some nice tradewinds blowing. There were some rain clouds hanging on the top of the mountains and it was just incredible.

I rode out the coast and began to tackle a hill I've been afraid of. It's not a very big hill, but basically, I suck at hills. So today I made it half way up and I was very pleased with myself. I stopped at a lookout to watch the hanggliders (there were about 6 of them out today) and drink some water. Then headed back down the hill and headed home. It was fantastic!!!!!!

Once I got back of course I was hungry!!! So it was off to Ruby Tuesday's for our Saturday lunch. What a great day.

Now the birdies are finally quiet. They've all eaten dinner and are sitting quietly with one foot up and beak grinding. Oh, the lovely sound of tired birdies. I think I'll put them to bed a little bit early since they wore me out this afternoon.

Tatu, the one I'm babysitting, wouldn't eat last night or this morning. I finally got her to eat by getting her a lilikoi (passion fruit), she can not resist them. She ate that then was hungry and ate some more. Then she spent the afternoon talking and screaming and just carrying on. Now she ate a big dinner so she's full and tired. Yeah!!!

Well, that's it for me. Tomorrow I'm doing aerobics again and going for a walk. I'm going to start running next week so I figured I'd warm up by walking tomorrow. I'm also going back to swimming. I have not swam since the race.........

Okay, time to put the birdies down.

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Vickie said...

Glad you are doing something and feeling better. I wish I could get out on the bike, but will have to wait until next year unfortunately. Have fun with the birds.

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