17 October 2006

Moving on.....

Well, the recovery process goes on. Roads are being prepared, buildings are being inspected and life goes on. As you can imagine that's all anyone is talking about. My boss left yesterday for Kona and she said it's a ghost town. Lots of athletes arrive on the Monday before Ironman so they a week to acclimatize to the weather and conditions. Well yesterday afternoon there were still only a handful of athletes there, basically those who were there before Sunday. I'm sure they will all be getting there today or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Things are going well with me. I have been focused on weight loss for 2 weeks now and am down just about 4 lbs. I must qualify that with stating that there was some water weight loss. But, I have been restricting my calories by about 1000 calories a day (through exercise and diet) so 2 lbs a week loss is conceivable.

My hip pain is getting worse. I was just reading back through my blog and the first time I mention it is Sept. 9th. That's over a month. If I've had this this long I probably should go to the doctor and have it checked out. There are times when it's worse than others, like today - it's just killing me. Okay, I'll call the dr. today.

I need to get to work. I have nothing to say and I'm boring myself :)

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Vickie said...

LOL! You tell it so straight-but you are not boring to me. As for the weight loss--way to go. It takes time, that's all I can say. You want it to happen so fast, since you are being good with food and/or even suffering, but 2 lb. a week is about right and doesn't leave you weak. The main thing I did was really watch everything I ate for about 2 months and after that it becomes routine.
As for the hip pain, I've been through that too. It could be a tight muscle causing this or it could be something else, so best to get it checked.


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